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Case: Website For A Medical Product Supply Company.

Client: Wright Life Sciences, Indore

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Challange: Wright Life Sciences is a medical product manufacturers and suppliers. They approached us with a problem of website to be very attractive yet be modern so that future technological changes may not affect the overall design and functioning. They want some flash like content to appear on main page.
Solution: We provided them with a website having multiple slider on front giving an effect of flash like content display. For Medical looks we carried the light green/turquoise color approach and then provided with with suitable navigation technique. Instead of drop downs we used drop up for a newer approach.
Case: Website For an Ecommerce Business.

Client: Yup Flowers

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Challange: Yup Flowers were eager to open up an online store for delievring cakes, chocolates, flowers and other gift items to anyone for ebery occassion.
Solution: We provided them with an full functional ecommerce website with content for the product as well. The other process like making a webpages more attractive and so that it is visible to online shoppers more frequently and alse were also looked upon by causual visitors as well.
Yup flower was a deep challanging task yet we carried out it in ease of efforts. A proper analysis worked much for us in addition to the hard work on design part as well.

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