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Nobody would have thought the importance and impact of IT, when it was introduced in India, apart from scientific and high technology where it was used. Now in present time, we can't think of living our normal life without IT, it is like black outs even at the thought level. The need, convenience, style and environment are completely embedded & amalgamate with IT and can't be seen without IT. SANS is growing premium IT solution provider in India. We provide state of art, cost effective, prompt and quality products according to the need, desire and requirement, assuring continuous growth and profit to our clients. We cater all segments of society, novice to specialised IT users. We are proud to state that we have our presence in the recognised distant locations on the map as well as at very remote villages also.

The Company

We have varied discipline in our group from software to infrastructure, education to marketing, and we are proud to state that nothing conflicts in coordination.We work and operate with utmost care, not to dis-satisfy even a single client and hence our promises are assured with our integrity and honesty. We try to excel in every discipline, by providing our sincere and prompt services and products.We always strive to innovate with new ideas and energies with a strong willingness to except challenges which makes us abreast with emerging knowledge environment. SANS Technologies understands the effective and changing needs and feel pride in being highly organised and time bound with hardworking, result oriented attitude.
Dream as if you will live forever...
YES at SANS we dream for a pollution free green environment in the society, nation, world and universe by adding values to life at thought level. Make our surroundings and world a place to live with all peace and happiness. We want to plant the seeds of happiness and well-being, water them and will wait till they grow and fruit, as if we live forever.....

Our Management

Mr. Suresh Jain

Founder & CMD

Er. Arpan Jain

Founder & CEO

Mrs. Nehal Jain

Managing Director

Mrs. Shobha Jain

Managing Director

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